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7 Pcs Sensor Socket Set

Product Name: 7 Pcs Sensor Socket Set
Product Number: MG50323

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7 Pcs Sensor Socket Set   Detailed Descriptions,

7 Pcs Sensor Socket Set

Special socket for removing oxygen sensor
Include: 1/2” Dr. ×29mm×90mmL(7mm slot); 1/2” Dr. ×27mm(12pt) ×82mmL;
3/8” Dr. ×7/8” ×90mmL(20mm slot); 3/8” Dr. ×1-1/16” ×74mmL; 3/8” Dr. ×7/8” ×80mmL;
1/2” Dr. ×22mm×50mmL;3/8” Dr. ×22mm×31mmL

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Set bussole smontaggio sonde lambda 7 pezzi
Juego 7 piezas de llaves de vaso para inyectores y sonda lamba


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