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Mercedes Benz Ball Joint Socket Wrench

Product Name: Mercedes Benz Ball Joint Socket Wrench
Product Number: MG50418

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Mercedes Benz Ball Joint Socket Wrench   Detailed Descriptions,

Mercedes Benz Ball Joint Socket Wrench

Applicable : 163 M-Class front and rear axles

ML-Series Models W163 (1998-2005) and W164 (2006-present), such as ML320, ML350, ML430, ML500, ML320 Diesel, ML550

Retaining ring is torque to 300 Nm /226 ft/lbs

How to Replace the Front Lower Ball Joints for a Mercedes Benz ML320, click here

The front lower ball joints on your Mercedes Benz ML320 serve as the joint connector between the vehicle's wheels and its steering linkage. If the front lower ball joints are damaged in an accident, your ML320's steering will not function properly, which can lead to a serious accident. In such cases, the simplest solution is to replace the front lower ball joints. They are located underneath the ML320 and are easily accessible once the vehicle is lifted.


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