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Oxygen Sensor Wrench

Product Name: Oxygen Sensor Wrench
Product Number: MG50359

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Oxygen Sensor Wrench   Detailed Descriptions,

Oxygen Sensor Wrench, MADE IN CHINA, MAGMA TOOLS

Designed to easily remove and install oxygen sensors.

Offset design for confined areas.

1/2" square drive (double square for easy access).

22mm (7/8") hexagon.


7 Pcs Sensor Socket Set, click here
An oxygen sensor wrench is specially designed to check, remove, or install oxygen sensors, which are often located in confined spaces.

Oxygen sensor wrenches, which may be of the socket or claw type, come in a variety of forms, although the standard size is 22-mm (7/8 inch). Some are heavy duty or have a pneumatic action for use on rusted or baked-on sensors. Others have an opening or slot down the side to avoid having to cut the wires leading to the sensor if the device is only being checked.

Most oxygen sensor wrenches will work with the majority of sensors found on vehicles. Sets are available which may contain a number of different sockets and wrenches, including offset wrenches, heated oxygen sensor sockets, and vacuum switch sockets.
Klíč na lambda sondu

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