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We are your turnkey manufacturer located in Ningbo, China. When it comes to outsourcing in China, we are your solution. Consider Magma Tooling, your own factory in China, our facility is logistically located across from the exporting hub in Ningbo, one of the largest port in China.

Magma Tooling was founded in 2001 as mold maker/molding manufacturer/mold manufacturer/mold supplies, specializing in getting products from ideas to drawing, molding to prototype, and mass production to exporting. We can help on mold making/plastic tooling/die casting mold, cover home appliance,

Mould Showroom
Hand Tools
Engine Timing Tool- VW-AUDI- SKODA
Engine Timing Tool Set- CITROEN-PEUGEOT
Engine Timing Tool - FORD-MAZDA
Master Engine Timing Tool Set for Alfa Romeo Fiat Lancia
40 Pcs Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set
Interchangeable Ball Joint Remover
150 Pcs Super Lock Socket Set
1/2" Drive Spline Impact Socket Set
3 Pcs Pentagon Socket Set
1/2" Drive Extendable Ratchet Wrench
3 Pcs BMW Rim Lock Socket Set
Mercedes Engine Timing Chain Riveting Tool Set
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