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1/2" Injection Line Socket

Product Name: 1/2" Injection Line Socket
Product Number: MG50802

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Spezial-Steckschlüsseleinsätze,Leidingsleutels,Leitungs-schlüsselsatz,Especial 1/2" para BMW, Opel 2.5TD y Mercedes,Llave especial 1/2" para BMW, Opel 2.5TD,Injection Line Wrench,klucz do przewodów wtryskowych,1/2" Verstuiversleutel set 14-17-19 mm

1/2" Injection Line Socket   Detailed Descriptions,

1/2" Injection Line Socket


Special open 12pt socket for tightening and loosening injector hard line nuts at the injection pump and fuel injectors.

Suitable for BMW diesel engines and OPEL 2.5 TD engines.

1/2" Drive, made of Cr-V.

Size: 14, 17, 19mm.


Racores de tubo de combustible

spécialisé coffret de douilles, Vasos para inyectores, Klucze nasadowe, Assortimento di bussole,

Especial 1/2" para BMW, Opel 2.5TD y Mercedes, racores de tubo


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