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12 Pcs Air Conditioning Tool Kit

Product Name: 12 Pcs Air Conditioning Tool Kit
Product Number: MG50128

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Fuel & Air Conditioning Disconnection Tool,Kit de Herramientas Atornillador Aire Acondicionado Compresor Aire Acondicionado,Kit de reparation de systèmes de climatisation,Klimaanlagen-Werkzeugsatz,Kit riparazione tubazioni climatizzazione, 12 pz,Zestaw Kluczy do klimatyzacji 12 części, Airco systeem gereedschap set

12 Pcs Air Conditioning Tool Kit   Detailed Descriptions,

12 Pcs Air Conditioning Tool Kit , MADE IN CHINA, MAGMA TOOLS

Handy set for removing the plastic valve caps and valve cores when carrying out servicing or repairs on automotive air conditioning systems.
2 x sockets SW12 AND SW15 (1/4" DR total length 40mm)
2 x specialist sockets 2.2mm and 3.2mm (1/4" DR total length 50mm)
1 x 1/4" bit holder
7 x 5 point tamperproof bits - TS10/TS15 / TS20 / TS25 / TS27/TS30 AND TS40




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