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Universal Motorcycle Pulley Holder

Product Name: Universal Motorcycle Pulley Holder
Product Number: MG50415

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Universal Motorcycle Pulley Holder,Kupplungskorbhalter,Soporte para retener el embrague,Outil de maintien de la cloche d'embrayage,Fixador De Rotor Universal,Attrezzo universale blocca volano e campana frizione,Scule motociclete,Motocyklové nářadí,Motorfiets gereedschap,MOOTTORIPYÖRÄTYÖKALUT,MOTORCYKELVERKTYG,Koblingsværktøj

Universal Motorcycle Pulley Holder   Detailed Descriptions,
Universal Motorcycle Pulley Holder

Pulley holder suitable for flywheel and clutch pulleys on a large range of motorcycles.
Adjusting screw allows tool to be locked at the required size.
PVC dipped handle gives added comfort.
70 to 130mm or 36 to 110mm

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