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5 Pcs Screw Extractor Set

Product Name: 5 Pcs Screw Extractor Set
Product Number: MG50226

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JUEGO DE EXTRACTORES DE ESPARRAGOS,Spiral fluted extractor,Screw Extractor Set,5 Extractores Tornillos Perno,Jeu extracteur de goujons pour goujons,Outillage automobile,Набор Экстракторов 5 Np,Set estrattori per viti, 5 pezzi,Zestaw wykrętaków do śrub 5 sztuk

5 Pcs Screw Extractor Set   Detailed Descriptions,

5 Pcs Screw Extractor Set

Used to remove broken screws, bolts and studs.
M3-M6 (1/8"-1/4")
M6-M8 (1/4"-5/16")
M8-M11 (5/16"-7/16")
M11-M14 (7/16"-9/16")
M14-M18 (9/16"-3/4")

A screw extractor is a tool used expressly for removing broken or seized screws. There are two types; one has a spiral flute structure, which is commonly known by the trademarked name Easy Out; the other has a straight flute structure.[1] The tools are made of very hard, brittle steel; they can break off inside the screw if too much torque is applied, making the removal much more difficult.


Набор экстракторов шпильковертов 5 предметов,  Confezioni estrattori viti spezzate, Jogo de extratores de parafusos,

Juego 5 piezas para la extracción de tornillos


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