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30 Pc Oil Filter Wrench Kit - Cup Type

Product Name: 30 Pc Oil Filter Wrench Kit - Cup Type
Product Number: MG50038

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30 Pc Oil Filter Wrench Kit - Cup Type   Detailed Descriptions,

30 Pc Oil Filter Wrench Kit - Cup Type

28 Fluted Cup Type Wrenches
66mm / 6 Flutes and 14 Flutes
65-67mm / 14 Flutes
68mm / 14 Flutes
73mm / 14 Flutes
74mm / 15 Flutes
75-77mm / 15 Flutes
76mm / 8. 12. 14 Flutes
76mm / 30 Flutes
78mm / 15 Flutes
80-82mm / 15 Flutes 86mm / 16. 18 Flutes
90mm / 15 Flutes
92mm / 10 Flutes
93mm / 15. 36. 45 Flutes
95mm / 15 Flutes
96mm / 18 Flutes
100m / 15 Flutes
106mm / 15 Flutes
108mm / 15 Flutes
108mm / 18 Flutes
3 Leg Oil Filter Wrench 3/8 inch Drive
1/2 F to 3/8 M Drive Adaptor

30-delige oliefilter sleutel kappen set oliefiltersleutel

An oil-filter wrench is a tool for removing spin-on type oil filters. These filters are smooth, cylindrical canisters with knurling on the bottom that are difficult to grip, especially when they are oily.

One common type of wrench is shown on the right. The loop of chain is placed around the filter, and the bar is turned anticlockwise by hand until the chain wraps itself tightly around the filter. A socket wrench or adjustable spanner is then used to turn the hexagonal bar further in the same direction. This increases the tension in the chain, which bites into the soft metal casing of the oil filter which helps prevent slippage.

Another type uses a metal band that is attached at both ends to a handle. The looped band is placed around the filter and the handle is turned anticlockwise, which puts tension on the band, causing it to grip the filter.

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