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Stubby Ratchet Handle

Product Name: Stubby Ratchet Handle
Product Number: NEW

General Info.

Chrome Vanadium Steel

Stubby Ratchet Handle   Detailed Descriptions,
Stubby Ratchet Handle, 1/4" Drive+3/8" Drive, MADE IN CHINA
Plastic grip, stubby size
Torque load test meets & exceeds DIN/ANSI standard
Dropping test, 12 tims, height of 3 metres

Theory of operation

A ratchet consists of a round gear (see Figure 1) or linear rack with teeth, and a pivoting, springloaded finger called a pawl (or click[1]) that engages the teeth. The teeth are uniform but asymmetrical, with each tooth having a moderate slope on one edge and a much steeper slope on the other edge.

When the teeth are moving in the unrestricted (i.e., forward) direction (see Figure 2), the pawl easily slides up and over the gently sloped edges of the teeth, with a spring forcing it (often with an audible 'click') into the depression between the teeth as it passes the tip of each tooth. When the teeth move in the opposite (backward) direction, however, the pawl will catch against the steeply sloped edge of the first tooth it encounters, thereby locking it against the tooth and preventing any further motion in that direction.

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