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VAG Oil Seal Puller 25mm

Product Name: VAG Oil Seal Puller 25mm
Product Number: MG50861

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VAG Oil Seal Puller 25mm,Wellendichtring Auszieher,Vytahovák těsnicích kroužků,Extracteur de joint d'huile VAG 25mm,Инструмент за вадене на семеринги на разпределителните валове VAG 27мм,Съемник сальников 25mm VAG

VAG Oil Seal Puller 25mm   Detailed Descriptions,

VAG Oil Seal Puller 25mm

Designed to remove camshaft and crankshaft oil seal on VAG engines.

Bore Diameter: 25mm.


Audi A4 after 2001, Audi A6 after 2005, Audi A8 after 2003, Audi R8 after 2008, Golf after 2009.
4.2L TDI, 4.2L, 5.0and 5.2L petrol direct injections.
4-cylinder diesel engine (1.6L-engine, common rail).

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