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Magnetic Protective Wing Cover

Product Name: Magnetic Protective Wing Cover
Product Number: MG50271

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Magnetic Protective Wing Cover,Kotflügelschoner Mit Magnet,Housse magnétique de protection d'aile,Protector de aletas imantado,Накидка магнитная на крыло,Telo di Copertura Protettivo Magnetico per Auto,Magnetyczny pokrowiec ochronny na błotnik,Spatschermhoes met magneet,Husa protectie aripa cu magnet,Ochranný přehoz na přední blatník s magnetickým uchycením

Magnetic Protective Wing Cover   Detailed Descriptions,

Magnetic Protective Wing Cover

Protects vehicle against damage during maintenance and repair work.

Integral magnetic strips secure the mat in position.

Half moon cut-out for wheel arch exposure.

Size: Length 820mm, Width 630mm.

Made of Polypropylene.

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