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Ratcheting Brake Caliper Press

Product Name: Ratcheting Brake Caliper Press
Product Number: MG50066A

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Ratcheting Brake Caliper Press,Ratchet Brake Pad Spreader,Brake Caliper Press with Ratchet,Bremskolben Rücksetzwerkzeug,Séparateur de piston pour étrier de freins,Repousse piston d'étrier de frein

Ratcheting Brake Caliper Press   Detailed Descriptions,
Ratcheting Brake Caliper Press
This ratcheting brake caliper press separates pistons in brake calipers quickly ready to install new brake pads. 
Pushes the piston back squarely without damage to the piston face. 
Allows work on twin and quad piston fixed calipers as well as single and twin piston floating calipers.
The ratchet allows a full 360 degree swing so that the spreader may be placed at any position.
Ratchet mechanism provides speed and versatility saving time and money.

Suitable for use on most cars.

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