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4 Pcs Micro Welding Clamp Set

Product Name: 4 Pcs Micro Welding Clamp Set
Product Number: MG50938

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4 Pcs Micro Welding Clamp Set,Mini welding clamp set,Mini-Karosserieklemmen-Satz,JUEGO DE 4 PINZAS PARA SOLDADURA,Jeu de mini-pinces de carrosserie 4 pièces,Zaciski Mini do karoserii,Serie 4 mini morsetti per carrozzier,НАБОР ЗАЖИМОВ ДЛЯ СВАРОЧНЫХ РАБОТ 4ШТ.,MICRO LASKLEMMEN SET 4-DELIG,MINI KAROSSZÉRIA CSIPESZ KÉSZLET 4 RÉSZES,SADA NA SVAŘOVACÍ SVORKY 4 KS.,SVEJSEKLEMMER 4 STK.

4 Pcs Micro Welding Clamp Set   Detailed Descriptions,
4 Pcs Micro Welding Clamp Set

Small and compact with exceptional clamping force.
High clamping force through easy to use wing nut.
Ideal for pinch/spot welding and other miscellaneous welding tasks in small spaces.
Adjustable clamping range for various panel thicknesses.

Made from steel.
Jaw Capacity: 0-7mm.


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