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Bearing Separator 75-105mm

Product Name: Bearing Separator 75-105mm
Product Number: MG50132-3

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Coffret extracteur décolleur de roulement et pignon,Trennmesser-abzieher,Съёмник стяжной сегментный,Ściągacz odklejacz,Ściągacz odklejacz do łożysk,Separador de Cojinetes,Gear/Bearing Separator,Extractor rulmenti 75-105 mm

Bearing Separator 75-105mm   Detailed Descriptions,

Bearing Separator 75-105mm

This Bearing Splitter separates and removes generator and fitting gears, single and double bearings and bearing cones and similar parts where ordinary puller jaws cannot reach.

Knife like edges which are easily placed behind the part to secure a gripping surface even when clearences are extremely tight. Use with puller.


Estrattori completi con prolunghe e separatore

Separátor,stahovák ložisek 75-105mm 

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