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6 Ton Steel Jack Stands

Product Name: 6 Ton Steel Jack Stands
Product Number: MG50267A

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Авто механические домкраты,Lifting Jack,Pareja de caballetes,Automotive Service Equipment,UnterstellbÖcke,Auto Shop Equipment,Workshop Equipment,Mechanical Jack,Torin Jacks,Steel Jack Stand

6 Ton Steel Jack Stands   Detailed Descriptions,

6 ton steel jack stands

These jack stands can support and hold most cars and trucks safely off the ground. It suitable for the automotive service, maintenance and repair industry. Ranger jack stands feature a legendary solid design, welded steel construction and a ratchet & pin safety mechanism to keep them locked under load. Meant to work as a team, pairs of ranger stands come in capacities of 6 tons.

6 ton steel jack stands features and benefits

1. Heavy-duty steel construction
2. Ratchet type for fine adjustment
3. Self locking ratchet handle
4. Large saddle and welded frame construction
5. Perfect for repair work or storage
6. Height range is 15-3/4" to 24-3/5"


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