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Brake Fluid Tester

Product Name: Brake Fluid Tester
Product Number: MG50464

General Info.

Auto diagnostic tools,Bremsflüssigkeitstester,Testeur de qualité liquide de frein,Comprobador De Liquido De Frenos,Портативный тестер тормозной жидкости,Przyrząd pomiarowy do płynu hamulcowego,Tester per liquido dei freni,Brake fluid tester probe,Tester per liquido dei freni,Tester zavorne tekočine,Tester kočione tekučine,Тестер за спирачна течност

Brake Fluid Tester   Detailed Descriptions,
Brake Fluid Tester
Identify the percentage of water in brake fluid.
Essential tool for regular safety check on your brakes.
Easy to use.
Colour coded LEDs show level of water.

Power Supply: 1 x1.5V “AAA”battery

Green: Battery OK, no water found.
Yellow: Less than 1% water. No action necessary.
Yellow/Yellow: 2% water found, check regularly.
Yellow/Yellow/Red: 3% water found, change brake fluid.

Yellow/Yellow/Red/Red: 4% water found, the brake fluid should be changed immediately.


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