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3/4" Drive Torque Angle Gauge

Product Name: 3/4" Drive Torque Angle Gauge
Product Number: MG50369A

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3/4" Drive Torque Angle Gauge   Detailed Descriptions,

3/4" Drive Torque Angle Gauge

Made of Chromve vanadium steel

The torque angle gauge is used to make sure there is equal tightness of fasteners on a component. It is calibrated in degrees.
Easy to read
Tightening by angle rather than torque removes the error that is produced by friction in the threads.
3/4" Drive square, Install the torque angle gauge over the head of the bolt, and then put the torque wrench on top of the gauge.


Outillage automobile, Outillage à main, KFZ-Spezialwerkzeuge,

Kątomierz klucza dynamometrycznego 3/4", Goniómetro 3/4", Medidor Torque de Ângulo 3/4"

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