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Rear Sub Frame Bush Kit

Product Name: Rear Sub Frame Bush Kit
Product Number: MG50403

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Extractor Silent-Blocks Ford Mondeo,car diagnostic tools,hand tool Rear Sub Frame Bush Kit for Ford Mondeo,rear suspension bush d'armature,Radlager-Werkzeugsatz,Outillage automobile

Rear Sub Frame Bush Kit   Detailed Descriptions,
Rear Sub Frame Bush Kit for Ford Mondeo
How to Use a Brake Spring Tool Correctly
Drum brake maintenance and repair often require the use of a brake spring tool. This handy device is used for positioning shoes, installing parking brake struts and shoe retracting springs, and adjusting screws. These procedures can be done more efficiently if you know how to use your brake spring tool correctly.
1,Apply some grease on your shoe backing plate. Position the shoes while you insert your shoe retaining pin right at the back of your plate, moving all the way through your shoe.
2,Screw your retaining spring cap with your brake spring tool to lock it in place. The brake shoe may move a little while you screw your retaining clip.
3,Install your parking brake strut, placing one end of your slot right inside the primary shoe, which is found near the retracting springs. Screw in the adjusting screws in their appropriate slots with their long ends facing the front side of your vehicle.
4,Install your anchor pin plate at the top of the brake shoe. Fit the cable guide right against the shoe.
5,Install your shoe retracting springs with the spring pliers. Slip the pliers' hooked jaw right over your spring hook and place the other jaw's end inside the hole found at the top of the other brake shoe.
6,Squeeze your pliers' handles together to let the spring slip over the shoe stud. You may need to apply extra force in order to get the springs to slip.

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