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Disc Brake Piston Tool

Product Name: Disc Brake Piston Tool
Product Number: MG50069

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Disc Brake Piston Tool   Detailed Descriptions,


Disc Brake Piston Tool, MADE IN CHINA

Used on vehicles with four wheel disc brakes
Rotates and depresses caliper pistons back into caliper when changing brake pads.
Fits most domestic and some import applications. On most popular import, Chrysler, Ford and GM vehicles with 4-wheel disc brakes.

Use with 3/8" drive ratchet and extension
Chrome plating for non-rust and easy clean up

How to use Disc Brake Piston Tool,
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Brake calipers all work under the same premise. A hydraulic piston extends from the caliper bore when demand is placed on the brakes. The movement of the piston squeezes the friction material of the brake pads against the metal surface of the rotor. When replacing brakes, the pistons must be retracted to make room for the thicker pads and/or rotors. Not all caliper pistons employ the same procedure to retract the pistons, however. Rear calipers can sometimes require the piston to be turned clockwise (or counterclockwise in some cases) to retract the piston. Knowing which type of caliper you intend to use the disc brake piston tool on will help prevent damage to the caliper or tool.

Support the removed caliper to the suspension or frame of the vehicle with a bungee cord so it does not hang from the rubber brake hose. This will prevent damage to the brake hose. If applicable, remove the pads from the caliper. Some vehicles use pads that remain in the caliper mount and removing them from the caliper is not required.


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