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46Pc Harmonic Balance Puller Set

Product Name: 46Pc Harmonic Balance Puller Set
Product Number: MG50136

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46Pc Harmonic Balance Puller Set   Detailed Descriptions,

46Pc Harmonic Balance Puller Set

Removes Harmonic Balancers / Gear Pulleys /
Steering Wheels and Crank Shaft Pulleys
Zinc Plated Yoke and Bolts
5 inch Pressure Screw
Small Cantering Adaptor
Large Cantering Adaptor
Flat Shaft Adaptor

How to Use Bearing Pullers
Bearing pullers are specialized mechanical tools that pull the bearings off of axle shafts. Although there are many different types and designs, they all work on the same principle. A set of jaws will hook onto the outer sides of a bearing lining or bearing case. Bearing pullers with jaws that hook onto the inside of a bearing lining are called a "blind-hole bearing puller." A central bolt or a slide hammer is then used to put reverse pressure onto the jaws that grip the bearing lining until it comes off and away from the axle.

Measure the diameter of the bearing that needs to be removed. Bearing pullers come in several different sizes so be sure to acquire the correct size bearing puller for your needs.. 

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