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5 Pcs Ball Joint Tool Set

Product Name: 5 Pcs Ball Joint Tool Set
Product Number: MG50039

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Trenn-und Montagegabel-Set,Séparateur de rotules-type fourche,Набор для снятия шаровых опор,Juego de Extractores de Rotulas de 5PCS,Set extractor-separador de rótula,car repair tools,Separator pivot tip furca,Zestaw ściągaczy do drążków kierowniczych,Kit estrattore a forcella per giunti sferici,Sada vyrážačov guľových čapov, 5 - dielna,

5 Pcs Ball Joint Tool Set   Detailed Descriptions,

5 Pcs Ball Joint Tool Set
5pc Fork Type Ball Joint Separator
Tie Rod/ Pitman Arm Tool Kit
Tie Rod Spreader with 11/16 inch Wedge Opening
Ball Joint Separator with 15/16 inch Jaw Opening
Pitman Arm Wedge with 1.1/8 inch Opening
8 inch Handle for use with a regular hammer
Handle with 0.401 inch Shank for use with an aim impact hammer
Both handles fit all three forks
Piloted handles act as shock absorbers to protect thread handles

Stuurkogeltrekker-vork model, 5-delig;
Fuseekogel vorken set 5 delig

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