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Pulley Removing Wrench (Teeth-Type Belt)

Product Name: Pulley Removing Wrench (Teeth-Type Belt)
Product Number: MG50848

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Pulley Removing Wrench (Teeth-Type Belt)   Detailed Descriptions,
Pulley Removing Wrench (Teeth-Type Belt)

Removes and locks any 'V' type belt pulley.
Enable to tighten or to un-tighten without any difficulty pulley locking screw.
High flexibility outperforms the traditional standard strap or chain wrench, and will not damage components.
Idea for alternator and water pump pulleys, but also essential for electric motors of compressors, washing machines, tool machines etc.
Also suitable to rotate the camshaft when timing the engine and to remove oil and gasoline filters.

Capacity: 40 - 140mm.

Length: 365mm (14-3/8").

Pulley Removing Wrench (Groove-Type Belt) MG50487

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