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Butterfly Socket Set

Product Name: Butterfly Socket Set
Product Number: MG50481

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Butterfly Socket Set,special socket,Nasadki specjalne,bussole speciali,Spécialisé coffret de douilles,Наборы головок,llaves de vaso,Stecknuss,4-részes pillangó aljzat klt

Butterfly Socket Set   Detailed Descriptions,

Butterfly Socket Set


3/8" Drive, 11mm(7/16"), 12-13mm(1/2"), 14mm(9/16"), 16mm(5/8")
1/2" Drive, 17-18mm(11/16"), 19-20mm(3/4"),21-22mm(13/16"-7/8"), 23-24mm(15/16")

For use with hydraulic, A/C and plumbing fittings, tie-rod ends, O2 sensors and diesel injectors. 
Sockets fit both Metric and SAE. 
Great for damaged or worn nuts. 
Closed ring socket for seized track rod locking nuts. 
Square drive can be used with torque wrench or "breaker bar" for precise tightening. 
Closed socket ensures a tight grip, it will not spread open to release nut. 
For hard to reach fasteners where an open end wrench will not work.

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